Chalmer's Point of View
TITLE: We Are Young Tonight (Rough Draft) SONGREMIXED: Tonight We Are Young by Fun

Tonight, we are young

Don’t you wanna look back at the shit that we done?

The crazy shit, take the chance before you miss it

Rather be a wuss or the badass who risked it

Nah man, you aint a twisted misfit

You gonna be happy on your reminiscin’ visits

Don’t wanna be the guy who could’ve and would’ve

When you looking back, you thinking man I should’ve

Or be the girl who into intuition

Regret became effect, now she into wishin

She had done it, don’t want no boring stories to tell

Should I do it? Should I not? Damn it, just do it!

Take the chance before you see it as just a glance

The night is still young, later we party and dance

In a pit of passion, lights, camera, action

Get an adrenaline rush, superhuman reaction

Carpe diem, we got to seize the day

Carpe noctem, we got to seize the night

Badass mothafucka , they call me backed in the day

We’re young liberators, let us party tonight!